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How Does Hosting Reseller Function?

The World Wide Web is an indispensable staple in everyone's everyday life. Everybody would like to establish their own personal web portal, whether for entertainment, for socialization or business ends. The web hosting industry niche is blooming. Why not take a share of the pie yourself?

What can you offer?

The majority of the companies deliver Linux-driven web hosting services. Linux is a multi-user OS, which is very applicable for both dedicated web hosting and shared hosting servers. The usual hosting reseller scheme that companies provide is the cPanel one, because the cPanel hosting Control Panel tool offers 3 access levels - root (intended for the web hosting company itself), reseller (that is where you come in) and user (for your clients). Even though some do allow overselling, in the majority of the circumstances you are bound by the server disk space and bandwidth limitations of your hosting reseller plan. It is like a sphere, which you stuff with smaller spheres - when you have stuffed it all up, you cannot add more.

Promote VPS hosting plans or dedicated server web hosting packages

The majority of the web hosts providing VPS hosting plans and dedicated hosting do not really disapprove if you use the private virtual web server or the dedicated server to sell web hosting accounts. If you opt to sell website hosting accounts using a dedicated hosting server, you will have complete authority over the whole server, the opportunity to implement any configuration adjustments you deem necessary and the opportunity to keep an eye on all the web hosting account holders hosted on it. The virtual hosting servers offer comparable options, but in the majority of the cases you cannot implement any kernel adjustments or modifications, which require kernel module rearrangement. The finest Control Panel software that allows you to sell website hosting accounts availing of your dedicated web hosting server or private virtual hosting server is, once again, cPanel, even though you can also make use of DirectAdmin, depending on which hosting CP graphical user interface corresponds to your preferences better.

What do you require to be a web hosting reseller?

In order to be a hosting reseller and start your reseller web hosting business, you need a web site, a billing software system, a merchant account with a payment processor such as PayPal, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, 2CheckOut, etc., and a Secure Sockets Layer certificate to ensure that your customers' data is secure when they pay via your website when buying a product. Popular billing software platforms that you can make use of are WHMCS, AWBS and ClientExec. The guys at ResellersPanel, however, offer you a free-of-charge hosting reseller account with all that included in it - a ready-for-use website, a billing software system and even technical support for your customers. Their hosting reseller program is without an analogue on the market, since they charge and support your clients for you, and allow you to resell our web hosting solutions without the need to purchase anything in advance yourself. In addition, they allow you to sell all their web hosting services - shared hosting services, virtual hosting servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated web hosting solutions. You can offer all of these to your clients via a ready-to-use site template. The profit you make is basically the difference between their wholesale price and the price you set yourself, so all you have to do is be a decent marketing tactician and tempt clients. If that is a little too bold for you, they still deliver shared cPanel hosting reseller plans, as most reseller hosting companies do, and you can always get a private virtual web server or a dedicated hosting server and divide it into website hosting accounts, which you can sell yourself. The bonuses offered by their cPanel hosting reseller packages will render your reseller life easier as well - they supply you with ClientExec in order to bill and support your customers, an array of themes and even a free-of-cost eNom reseller account. We have data center facilities in four countries - Australia, the USA and Great Britain. It is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your hosting business on 3 continents. What more could you ask for?